I'm not only saying this cause I won the competition, but this was by far the best screenwriting contest experience I've ever had. The price was right and it didn't take forever to get the results. It was amazing to get a phone call from the contest director Theo Davies, who personally called all the participants before reading their scripts. Followed by a congratulatory call after I won 1st place in the short screenplay category. But by far, the most incredible thing about this competition is the networking opportunities the contest provides by putting the winning scripts into the hands of their Hollywood contacts. Bravo!

Giancarlo Fusi - Screenwriter, 'Hell Hound: The Legend of Robert Johnson' (Winner - SoCal Screenplay Short Competition)

I was delighted and pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the Southern California Screenplay Competition before they even read my submission, Twirling at Ole Miss. I was asked about my screenplay, discussed my work as a filmmaker, and was given important details about the competition. I greatly appreciate their interest and commend them for reaching out to me so I could discuss "the story behind my story". This valued communication is rare for any festival or screenplay competition. This maybe the first year for the So Cal Screenplay Competition, but they’ve hit the ground running. Cheers!

John Matthew Tyson - Screenwriter, 'Twirling At Ole Miss' (Runner Up - SoCal Screenplay Short Competition)